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Big Goals

Big Goals
featuring Yukmouth, St.Rap
Produced by Dmitry Kupriyanov
Released: Jun. 8, 2013

Big Goals
featuring Yukmouth, St.Rap
Produced by Dmitry Kupriyanov
Released: Jun. 8, 2013


“Big Goals” is a BIG song for Struggle da Preacher—his first collaboration with a big figure in hip-hop, Yukmouth. Yuk’s been in the game for almost 20 years; a Grammy-nominated rapper with his former group The Luniz, and one of the best and most-known rappers in California.

The cover art for the single is unique with a depiction of a triple-headed dragon—it’s not a random idea either. Born in Russia, Struggle decided to come up with a three headed dragon because it’s something from his culture—common character in Russian fairy tales. Since Yukmouth’s group The Regime’s album is called The Last Dragon, has a smoky dragon on the cover which represents Yukmouth, and Yukmouth has a song called “Godzilla,” it made sense because it’s symbolic. Lastly, Struggle credits St. Rap for putting the Russian town Tyumen on the world hip-hop map by putting a verse on the song so the world knows where we come from.


When the song commences, I just fall in love with the beats and then Struggle starts to rap in this fantastic voice taking on a husky feel – excellent! When Struggle raps “I am ready for big goals, expose my music Yukmouth, big bro.  No doubt I got it.”  Struggle is stating to Yukmouth that he is ready to embrace much more ambitious goals and wants his music to be heard.  He is confident he has got what it takes to prosper and I believe this is definitely the case.  One of the most important attributes to success is confidence and belief within yourself to really step up and do whatever it takes in order to achieve this.   
Struggle wants others to recognize him for his talent and demeanor and to take note of what he can bring to the table as far as his rap music is concerned.  This artist is ready to be the best he can possibly be “in this game”.   
“I’m exploding like a nuclear bomb 
Everybody on the block gonna know your name” 
Struggle’s determination to break out from the norm and for his natural ability to shine through in his music is evident.  He is known around the world and wants everyone to be aware that he is bringing back authentic rap alongside Yukmouth. 
“But they talk about me all across the planet 
I’m already known in London 
Washington, every small town 
I’ma bringing it back the real sound 
Struggle da Preacher, uh, and Yukmouth” 
The Hook for me is the chorus when Struggle raps: 
“What you gonna fight for? 
If the game is dead, they don’t wanna hear you 
But you gotta fight for 
You gotta fight for your name, fight until you kill them” 
These words are very poignant.  You must keep fighting for your goals, never give up and always aspire to be the very best you can be no matter what is going on around you.  It is so important not to let the opinions of others stop you in your tracks.  Keep striving and working hard towards your own desires in life.  It may be a struggle at times but you must carry on as being driven and focused is what will take you further.   
I believe Struggle da Preacher is 100% focused with a very firm mindset and this attitude will undoubtedly help him on his road to success.   
In the second verse where Yukmouth raps “Catch me rockin’ with chop-suey”, he is referring to a song by System of a Down which is the epitome of perfection in music.  Yukmouth is also a very talented rapper indeed and this is very obvious in the second verse.   
“Slide up on your range, knock’ em down with the stainless 
Leave ‘em brainless, fuckin’ with the world’s most dangerous” 
I believe Yukmouth is referring here to his encounter with Anti Social Culture where he comes from.   
“Fo sure, nigga, no debate 
I got hoes to break, hella dough to make 
I can see why you soldiers hate 
Fuck around and get smoked 
Cuz I’m a warrior, like Golden State Zilla” 
Yukmouth is stating that there’s no doubt that he and Struggle da Preacher are going to make it big.  He refers to “soldiers” (poor people living in the ghetto), who play around and get shot/murdered.  This is not the future he desires and again it is another reference to Anti Social Culture.  Yukmouth expresses in the last line “Cuz I’m a warrior, like Golden State Zilla” that despite any challenges he may encounter along the way, he will manage to be successful the world over.   
Struggle da Preacher, Yukmouth and St. Rap are firing on all cylinders with this song.  Struggle’s voice carries a deep sense of passion, intensity and purpose along with in-depth lyrics.  With a smooth flow, the beats are slightly uptempo, very pleasing to the ear and have a tendency to “stay” with you.  I believe if Struggle stays focused and keeps up the great work he is doing with his rapping, he will definitely go places.   
I rate this song 10 out of 10 just for the sheer effort Struggle da Preacher, Yukmouth and St. Rap have put into it.  After 2 minutes & 22 seconds, when  
St. Rap begins rapping, even though I personally don’t speak Russian, I adore the energetic feel this brings to the whole song whilst still managing to hold my attention right until the end.  This is definitely one for your music collection and I will be adding it to mine. I could listen to this song again and again.  I am sure many artists out there will establish a sense of connection with this song. 
There is undoubtedly a place for this artist in the world of Hip Hop/Rap Music. 
CMB Shanahan 
Hip Hop Reviews J  
Twitter:  @Frogsrock 
September 28th 2013. 


Big Goals CD