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This movie is a must-watch if you're a fan of
"Love and Basketball"
Can I Recognize Your Soul (2019)

Alonzo (Struggle da Preacher) tries to make it as a rapper but he’s going through some mental issues that are caused by the death of his father that happened 2 years prior. Seems like he is losing his inspiration and it’s getting harder to stay focused in the studio but he has another thing that helps him to cope with his problems is basketball.

One day he meets Christine (Anastasia Karachevskaya, voice by Shelby Glover) at the basketball court, who also lost her brother 2 years ago. She’s taking it harder than Alonzo and when she finds out he has some songs about the afterlife, her interest in him grows. They start seeing each more. But both of them take it very cautiously. As their feelings grow bigger, she wonders if she will be able to recognize souls of her people in the afterlife.

In the meantime, there shows up Jerome (Jam Barodo), a street dude whom Alonzo occasionally plays basketball with, and Christine’s former classmate who tried to be with her back in a day.

Original Release

January 18, 2019


Hood Drama, Sport, Romance, Music

Running Time


Production Company

Struggle Pictures, Barodo Films, KingsArtAndSol


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Struggle da Preacher
Anastasia Karachevskaya (voice by Shelby “Bee” Glover)
Ivan Lysenko (voice by Chef Hargrove)
Maria Karetko (voice by Robynn Lin Fredericks)
Slava Kosichka (voice by Ju Muny)
Pier Richard (voice by Keon Williams)
Angel Mendez
Lidia Lekanova (voice by Krystale Mendez)
Alina Muskalova (voice by Franki Moscato)
Dil (voice by Pearce Blaire – R.I.P.)
Anna Nyashina (voice by Andrea Johnson)
Tatyana Stepanova (voice by Valencia Woods)
Lik Danger (voice by Lee Randolph)
Artyom Omelchenko (voice by Ed Haynes)
Svyatoslav Stavtsev
Chingiz Adzhimetov (voice by Frank “I N I” Heaney – R.I.P.)
Marianna Nikitina (voice by Natalia Grauberger)
Tatiana Minyailo (voice by Perez)


Director – Struggle da Preacher
Cinematographer – Jam Barodo
Editor – Struggle da Preacher
Colorist – Struggle da Preacher
Still Photographer – Artyom Omelchenko
Music by Ivan Muravsky
Sound Mixer – Eugeny Askarov
Sound Designer – Struggle da Preacher
Foley Artist – Struggle da Preacher
Recordists – Jamaar  “Doughboy” Jackson
Jay Devore
Jelani McLetchie

ADR Recorded At:
 SDP Production (Newark, NJ, USA)
Barodo Films (Moscow, Russia)
Room 808 Studio (Irvington, NJ, USA)
72 Madison Studios (Paterson, NJ, USA)
Joah’s House Studios (New York, NY, USA)
42nd St. Recording Studios (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)
KOK Records, LLC (Jersey City, NJ, USA)
Studio 114 (Tyumen, Russia)

Executive Producer – Struggle da Preacher

Written by Strggle da Preacher

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