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Struggle da Preacher’s always taken the best of both worlds. He’s never belonged to either side but has always balanced between them. Thugs, nerds, and high rollers, he’s been cool with them all. The same goes for his love for various arts. Although he once labeled himself as a rapper only, he has always had a wide variety of musical tastes. His own music was often not considered rap per se, since the instrumentals he composed didn’t have the typical rap sound. Most of them had orchestral instruments and were very melodic. 

To fit in, he doesn’t try to be someone else or act in a certain way based on who he finds himself among, but always stays true to himself. This unique quality allows him to follow his own path while remaining respectful and understanding to others, observing and absorbing everything around him.

In the course of his long creative career, he has come to realize that the goal of his projects is to plant meaningful messages in people’s hearts


Struggle da Preacher began his career as a rapper, but acting has always been his true calling. 

He is always honing his acting skills each and every day. He can’t watch movies like most people because he pays attention to the acting and whenever he catches an interesting scene, he pauses the film and starts to practice. 

But on the whole, his acting abilities stem from his keen observation of everything that goes on around him. He would watch and study crackheads, drunkards, wife-beaters, cops, reporters, scientists and anyone who he could come across

He doesn’t have to live that life to portray it convincingly on screen because he has seen it a lot to recreate.

Music Videos

Besides being an actor and a rapper, Struggle da Preacher spends a lot of time behind the camera under his company Struggle Pictures, shooting various projects and events. He does pre-shoot work, edits, and color grades, and delivers you a final product you will be delighted with.

He also does a lot of graphic design, such as flyers, banners, old photo restoration etc.

Get to know more about him as a videographer, photographer and graphic designer and take a look at his portfolio